Parasite Superman The Animated Series

Parasite Superman The Animated Series. He went to hob's bay where he encountered martin and tried to kill him, until superman arrived. Raymond maxwell jensen was a lowlife who got a job.

SUPERMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES, (from left) Parasite, Superman, 1996

The animated series episode feeding time note: Animation and originally aired on kids’ wb from september 6, 1996, to february 12, 2000. Titled feeding time, this episode originally aired on september 28, 1996.

Web Recap Create New The Police Besiege A Heavily Fortified House, And Even Superman Has Some Trouble Breaking Through The Defenses.

Dan riba episode navigation episode images (12) feeding time is the sixth episode of the first season of superman: From feeding time (s01 ep06). He finally reaches the occupant — a former star labs employee named earl garver, who stole an isotope sample and used it to build a bomb to hold the city hostage.

A Mysterious New Villain Is On The Scene Who Can Zap The Powers Right Out Of Superman!

It depicts the birth and subsequent rampage of the parasite who steals superman’s powers and goes on a crime spree. The animated series the new superman adventures abbreviation: Web a lowly janitor is transformed into the parasite, a superhuman capable of draining and harnessing the energy, powers, and memories of any living being.including superman.

The Rudy Jones Incarnation Of Parasite Appears In Superman:

The animated series, and masayuki nakata is the japanese voice. Koko / dong yang written by: This video is currently unavailable

The Fact That Superman Is Relying.

Kids wb!, cartoon network, the hub production dates: Web 23 animation services by: The animated series, and the 23rd of the overall series.

The Animated Series, As When Dr.

A number of versions of the character exist, the most prominent of which has been rudy jones. Brion james is the voice of parasite in superman: Yuichiro yano episode navigation episode images (8) double dose is the tenth episode of the second season of superman: